insulation Services

We use modern technologies for all insulation works

We work with you to enhance the durability of your projects ... Engineering Company for Trade and Supplies ETS


Thermal Insulation

Specializing in thermal insulation works for buildings and industrial facilities for all major projects.


Sound Insualtion

Sound insulation services are considered essentials within buildings, educational facilities and other projects with privacy for sound insulation


Fire-Resistant Insulation

We have always been keen to provide the best modern technologies for fire-resistant insulation materials.



Our company is considered one of the largest companies specialized in spraying polyurea systems and polyurethane foam with high-tech equipment within international specifications.

افضل ماكينة عزل
افضل ماكينة عزل
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

ETS management works to enhance the construction of projects according to modern technologies

Confidence is built with our customers and in their various sectors without a competitor, and this is what we always see in your eyes and the level of your satisfaction, as we contribute with you to the development of your facilities and we work together to satisfy your customers.

  • Long Term Warranty
  • A commitment to quality
  • Trustworthy
  • Always Creative
Who we are

Who we are ?

Meet Our Team

For more than 30 years,  Engineering co. for Trade & Supplies has prepared a team that is one of the most skilled engineers and technicians in Egypt in insulation Services, with modern technologies, and intensive training programs to provide what is always better.

30years of experience
2900+Completed projects
5local prizes
Customers and Partners

Customers and Partners

An overview of the most important completed projects and the opinions of our clients