Cairo Festival City - New Cairo
ClientCairo Festival City is located in New Cairo
LocationNew Cairo
Project Date20-4-2020
مproject area3000 m2


Festival City - Surfaces Insulation polyurethane .

  • It is superior to other types in its longevity and its resistance to various weather conditions and factors.
  • The method of insulation using polyurethane foam spray for surfaces is characterized by that the insulated surface is a single connected layer that has no joints, as in other traditional insulation methods.
  • Strong adhesion to the surface without the use of primers or adhesives .
  • Polyurethane foam is characterized by a high density compared to other insulation materials and therefore has the ability to bear more pressures and loads.
  • Insulation with polyurethane foam by spraying is easy to isolate irregular shapes, corners, corners and around the places of installation of columns easily other insulation methods.
  • Production rates are much higher than other traditional insulation methods, as one machine can isolate an area ranging from 400: 500 square meters per day.
  • It can be used as a heat and water insulator for surfaces


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